There are some days, weeks and even months in a row that seem like nothing is going as you want it to.  It can seem as if everything you desire is out of your reach and you will never get what you want.

There are a couple of ways you can handle this feeling.  One of my favorite ways at first is to keep on forcing the issues at hand and insist that things happen the way I want.  Often this results in frustration and snail like movement!  You would think I would learn, but still, I love to square up, punches a blazin and go in uncorked!  It’s not really a bad way, but it’s not a very sustainable way.

Recently I watched the movie Klitschko and this uncorked way is how Vitali began fighting early in his career.  He was easy to hit because of this style.  As I am in the midst of forcing things, I keep playing the footage of reckless Vitali over and over and seeing how the openings are so obvious.  How if he switched things up, he would get what he wanted with less damage.  (the light bulb finally goes on)

After Vitali started working with Emmanuel Stuart he learned the art of patience and how to use his height and reach to decrease the amount of openings he provided opponents.  This leads me to the second way of handling when you think you will never get what you want.  I take a step back and remember to change my focus.

I look at what I have and list it all off numerically versus looking at what I don’t have yet
I take a deep breath and let my shoulders drop allowing me to relax more
I measure the distance between where I am and what I want
I look for other angles rather than going straight in
I remind myself I always get what I want, just not always in the way I picture getting it 🙂

Finally, I trust myself.  I’ve trained my whole life to get here and I’ve never stopped moving.  I have spent countless hours honing my skills and developing new ones.  When I really want something, I have it in me to achieve it.

You can too!

Box On!  and watch the movie Klitschko


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