The Artist and the Boxer

The boxing gym is a community gathering place.  Boxers and observers come together for a standing room only experience.  Each person in the room brings a valuable energy to the scene.  Boxing is an artistic performance.  It is an expression of heritage, of love, life, heart, soul, loss, gain and a multitude of other experiences.  The boxer agrees to go on stage and be the medium for others to witness their own experience played out before them.

Two boxers agree to be brave and vulnerable so others may delve into their own depths and share the experiences that happen in 3 minute sections of time.  We all learn more about ourselves because of this shared engagement and that is what community is really about.

I love this gym.  I am meeting people I would never encounter because of this space.

Last night was a beautiful and humbling experience.  The artists that went into the ring to share their passionate words and actions were the same as any boxer I’ve seen do their craft.  In some cases, the artists were boxers and it was incredible to see them so engaged in a different medium.  It was inspiring an incredible to witness confident bodies speaking out, speaking for, speaking to……

Thank you to all involved and a huge thank you to boxer, artist, teacher, Laura Wright.  Her passion for expression and community came through everyone last night.

We are considering making this a quarterly event, so stay tuned to further details.  And of course, until then…..

Box On!



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