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One thing I am extremely grateful for from my youth was being introduced to sports and music as a way to express myself.  The combination of the two got me through so many different aspects of growing up.

There are many athletes on both sides of my family and that heritage lived strong through me growing up and stays with me today.  It is an integral part of my identity.  It’s this love of sport and competition that I bring to Arcaro Boxing and wish to share with other individuals and families.

One of my most favorite memories is my brother and I going to my father’s softball practice and being able to field balls way out in the outfield.  We felt part of the team and the experience versus having to sit and watch my dad do his thing.  It was way more fun to be involved.

I’ve developed and run a youth boxing program before and I want to take all the things I liked and the things I wanted to change and start over.  But I wasn’t sure how to go about it, so mostly I’ve avoided it for the first 6 months of the gym being open.   At first I felt very resistant to having boxing for 8-12 years old.  But both coaches Jen and Jeremy have pushed me to investigate what my resistance was about.

In the past I experienced that the kids were excited at first, then they became less interested in boxing.  Their parents still made them come.even when they were over their interest in the sport.  The reasons for making the kids still come made sense.  Reasons like teaching kids about commitment, seeing things through, finish what you start, practicing discipline, physical fitness and a whole host of other important skills.  But, it was hard on me as a coach to try and work with kids that really didn’t want to be there and it became less about boxing and more about managing their excitement level and motivation.

Families are busy.  Parents cart kids around to a million activities as well as try to participate in their own.  I want for the families who enjoy physical fitness together to have the opportunity to exercise that type of bonding here at the gym.  For parents and kids not to have to sit around while the other does their activity, but have the chance to engage together.

Here is what is available at Arcaro:

Open Gym-  If you are a parent and are looking for those minutes in the day you can squeeze in a workout, but have the kids in tow, bring them in with you during open gym.  Get your workout in and let your little one participate as much or as little as they want.  It’s a fun, no pressure way for them to be introduced to boxing without the pressure of having to stay focused an entire hour.  There’s space for them to color, read, play video games or just sit and watch when they don’t want to participate.  There is no charge for the little ones.

Youth Boxing-  Starting June 17th, Youth ages 8 years to 12 years can learn to box.  Classes will run Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm-5:30pm  This class is designed to teach boxing as a discipline for sport and life.  Whether your child wants to use boxing to develop skills for other sports, confidence in life or wants to become an amateur boxer, this class will prepare them. Click this link for Youth Boxing prices

Classes and Lessons-  If your child is 13 years or older, they can come into any scheduled class or open gym and workout.  If they are interested in competing, have them contact Coach Tricia in the gym or via e-mail for details on the process!




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