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I’ve enjoyed working with Elsa as an intern.  One of my favorite things is the types of questions she asks.  They are thought provoking, sincere and engaging.  Below are the interview questions Elsa asked me and my answers.  I hope you enjoy reading!


  1. What have you done to make this gym standout or be different than others?

I have stuck with the belief that one can get a vigorous workout from boxing itself.  Conditioning and calisthenics are important for fitness, but they aren’t the only way one can push their cardio.

I’ve also used my blog to connect with people –  to share the very  real experiences I go through as a coach and as a person in general.


  1. How do you handle criticism?

I appreciate criticism.  Sometimes I handle it very defensively at first, but I always listen to what is being said.  If someone is brave enough to give you feedback out loud, it must matter and you should pay attention.  Other times I can openly hear the feedback in the moment.  It’s often harder to accept praise versus hearing what you aren’t doing as well.

  1. How many years of coaching experience do you have?

9 years

  1. How do you deal with an athlete or another coach that has very different opinions or opposing styles of boxing?

Often times if someone has a different opinion or style, I pay attention and observe.  I notice all my immediate reactions and make a list.  Some things may be personal issues I need to address and other things may need to be addressed with the person.  It really depends on the situation.  Mostly I put myself in observation mode-  observe them and observe myself….that way I can learn something new.

I believe all different styles are important, because styles are expressions of a person.  I work to hear what a person is saying more than the way they are saying it.  Different opinions help me grow…even if they are hard to hear, different opinions are necessary.


An opposing style of coaching to me would only be if a coach tried to make a boxer box differently than who they are….or if a coach tried to get a boxer to box like the coach’s style.  I don’t think I would enjoy working with a coach who has that method, but I’m not sure how I would deal with it.

  1.  What is success to you?

Success is when I make my mind up to achieve something and I follow through and do it.

  1. What is the biggest mistake as a coach you have made? As a business owner?

I’m prefacing this answer with the fact I think mistakes are important.  Mistakes mean you are taking risks and leaving your comfort zone.  Mistakes mean you are willing to learn, sometimes a very painful process, but willing nonetheless.

The biggest mistake I made was shutting myself down from gym members and other coaches.  From thinking I needed to keep a boundary between myself and others.  I’ve learned that boundaries happen more naturally when you are open to others.

So far, my biggest mistake as a business owner was leaving my window unlatched and allowing someone to come in and steal my sound system.  I may be making mistakes right now, but won’t know right away what they are.  I’m only 6 months old as a business owner, so I am sure if you check in with me in another 6 months you will find I have a list of mistakes to share.

  1. What is your biggest success so far in your career?

My biggest success comes in the form of three all intertwined!  One was having the desire and motivation to teach boxing in the park when I had no gym home.  Second is getting this gym open.  The third success has come out of these two successes— guiding the process for Jen winning Nationals and developing into a very successful boxer.

  1. How do you gain the trust of someone? How do you get someone to trust you?

The most important aspect of trust is to trust oneself.  I get others to trust me by leading by example.  This means being forgiving of my falls and being humble and steady when I am on my feet.  I get people to trust me by listening more and trusting their expertise….by pointing out what they already know.  I gain trust by being honest and direct.  I gain trust by being real and showing my good, my bad, my ugly and my pretty

  1. What is your coaching philosophy?

I believe in giving room for people to find themselves.  I am here to hold the space as others experience all the steps it takes to be able to express themselves honestly and fully.

10. What do you think you have to learn about the sport of boxing or as a coach?

I think that I have to constantly learn about boxing and about being a coach.  There is so much to always learn, I have no idea what more is out there, I just know I am striving to find it.

11.  As Arcaro grows as a gym, how would you assemble a coaching staff? What are the qualifications?   This is a good question that I don’t have entirely figured out.  Here is what I know so far:   I am leaning toward the coaches that work here having competitive boxing experience.  I understand there are many experiences in life metaphorically comparable to getting in the ring, but there is still something important about the preparation, approach and actual getting in the ring and being on stage exposing yourself to a crowd as you deliver and take punches.  I also am approaching establishing coaches the same way I do boxers.  Every person has their style that needs to be expressed and evolve.  I don’t want all the coaches to teach the same way and have the same style, I want them to be uniquely themselves and continue to develop as they interact with the community and competitive boxers.

12,  What is the most important thing to you in life? In the gym?


13.  What single trait of yours do you think benefits your coaching technique?


14.  How important is community to you and your business?

Community is all there is…without it, I cannot do my job nor have a business.  I don’t have a lot of personal friends….I tend to enjoy connecting through my community and through my work with people.

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