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I’ve been coaching for a long time now and nothing reminds me of this fact more than seeing the grown kids I worked with in the past.  Elsa Smith is part of a family that I have had the pleasure of knowing my entire boxing and coaching career.  Her whole family boxes and contributes a lot to several communities.  Recently Elsa approached me about a senior project and I’m honored to have Arcaro Boxing participate.

So, now a word from Elsa introducing herself!


My name is Elsa Smith and I am a senior at Seattle Academy (SAAS). For the final weeks of our spring trimester, the seniors are given the opportunity to go out into the work world and gain some experience through internships before heading off to college. They call it the “Senior Project”. This is part of the process of letting go of the helping hand and beginning to think and act independently. We reached out to institutions (similarly to applying for a job) and explained the goals and objectives of the project. After the project proposal had been approved, us seniors will spend the next seven weeks working at these institutions, adding new types of understanding and experiences to what we already have. While I have little knowledge of the direction I will head in my future, I thought that exploring sports psychology and the process it takes to start a business would be beneficial, if I choose to continue in this field during my college years or beyond.

 Tricia was my coach for the numerous years I spent at Cappy’s and she has had a great influence on me as a boxing coach and life coach. My opportunity here at Arcaro Boxing Gym as an intern will mainly focus on creating a community event for the gym to put on in addition to other work experience and opportunities. 

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