The struggle–the journey and a little Camus

The struggle itself […] is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy—-Camus

March 29th is in the books.  Two of our boxers prepared and completed their matches.  It was utter hell for them at times and shockingly unnerving.  These guys were brave, vulnerable and extremely tenacious in their commitment to the journey.  They stayed extremely present from the moment they knew they were matched up until the decision was announced.

What counts is not the best living but the most living–Camus

I felt honored to be a part of the journey with these guys. To hear them tell the truth about how they felt, what they were afraid of was inspiring.  I loved their conviction to their own journey and their own outcome.  They were truly invested in achieving very individual and personal accomplishments that had nothing to do with winning or losing.  They were experiencing the concept of doing the “most living”

Camus arrives at three consequences from the full acknowledging of the absurd: revolt, freedom and passion.

The absurd is getting in the ring to punch and be punched.  The absurd is training for hundreds of hours to have a 6-9 minute experience.  The revolt is doing a sport that outsiders see as barbaric and futile.  The revolt is training the body to ignore it’s usual fight, flee and freeze patterns.  The freedom comes from allowing oneself to give over to the entire preparation and performance. The freedom comes from accomplishing something unimaginable and inconceivable.  And passion, well that is obvious.  This sport takes passion.  It takes all of one’s being to prepare and perform.  It takes heart, body, mind and soul.  Nothing could be more passionate than using all of one’s capacity to delve into an experience.

Our next endeavor is April 18th.  We have 3 boxers matched up for an event in Portland.  I’m excited to participating in more Revolt, Freedom and Passion.  Oh, and long live Camus and Sisyphus!

Box On!!!!


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