Fear and preparation

We have 2 boxers preparing for fights this weekend.  Countless people ask them, “are you excited?”

It’s a vulnerable thing for a boxer to tell non fighters, “actually, I’m afraid!  I am nervous excited-My stomach is in knots-I’m in a bad mood, All I can think about is the fight and it’s 2 weeks away-  I’m afraid to get knocked out-  I’m worried about losing”  But these are just a few snippets of things boxers think before they go in the ring for competition and sometimes even challenging sparring.

Never believe a boxer who tells you they aren’t scared!  How can you not be when you are going in the ring against someone else who wants to punch the lights out of you?  If you are a boxer and you hear your opponent say they aren’t scared, you know you have the edge and you should be prepared to take advantage of their lack of vulnerability!

Fear is a good thing and vulnerability is a source of strength and power.

Please take a second and read this Blog post on Fear.  It is excellent and sums up a lot of the belief here at Arcaro Boxing.

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