Tomorrow I turn 43.  Honestly, when I was in my 20’s, I wasn’t so sure I was going to make it to 35.  I made lots of choices that kept me stuck in the same place and I couldn’t see a way out.  I thought I needed to see the way before I could change.

I guess I got tired of having the same outcomes all the time, because once I started making little changes in my life, I started seeing openings that gave me hope for longevity and a more positive existence.  It wasn’t a huge immediate noticeable difference.  It took years and years to make enough little changes to reach a huge life transformation over the past couple of years.

Making those little changes is a never ending life process.  I will always strive to change my rhythm up and lead by example so others can also see that so much is possible with different perspectives and choices.

I think because of my experiences in life that it is my duty to the community to show what is possible when you open up and choose to be vulnerable.  To show what is possible when you see what happens when you give of yourself to others with fewer and fewer expectations in return.  It’s crazy hard to do and I often find there are all kinds of hidden expectations popping up when I do give of myself to others.  It is rewarding to have these hidden expectations exposed, just the same as it is rewarding to have a sparring partner expose a weakness in your boxing skill.  This exposure is necessary to grow.

With all that said, I find myself being more inspired by all of your bravery here in the gym….much more than I could ever inspire you.

Here is a little anonymous testimonial to prove my point—-and thank you to all of you for getting in the gym, being brave, vulnerable and committed to training!


“I think the best lesson I’ve got thus far from boxing is commitment, endurance and patience are connected to perseverance.
I’m not the best student and law school is hard as hell. It takes me longer than most to learn things.  The past few work outs I have gotten my ass kicked, but there is always that one moment where I get the slip right or land a good hit and I remember I am learning and the learning is evident in the small “victories”.

Continued practice and correction will eventually get me to where I want to be. The past month has helped me to think about the long haul of law school. Commitment to practice, endurance to take correction, and a little patience to learn to see the “openings” (coupled with the audacity to go for what I see) will get me places. Some times those places are a surprise and some times they are what I expected.  Law school has been a surprising journey. This past month boxing has helped me to process some of that journey find ways to put new skills in to daily practice.

I will have more time to be in the gym this next quarter. It feels good to be simultaneously challenging my mind and my body. Learning to take a hit while not losing my focus is really helpful for argumentation and courtroom strategy. I’m looking forward to this next 10 weeks with Arcaro and school.

Thanks for being a welcoming place for new comers and learners such as myself.”

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