Authentic Communication

Boxing is authentic communication.  The act of sparring represents the desire of two people to authentically communicate at the highest level possible:  a silent and physical realm of interaction like none other.

I find this experience so relieving.  It’s ok to be vulnerable, it’s ok to be intense, it’s ok to be any way you want, because it’s boxing.  You give and take real punches that everyone admits they are throwing.  No one pretends they aren’t actually throwing them- no one pretends to be doing anything other than the actual physical act that they are doing.  Hitting and working to not get hit.  You are trying to control and manipulate the other to be successful and the best part is—- this is a known fact.  You don’t pretend you aren’t going for this goal-  you embrace it.  Daily life doesn’t give much room for these admissions, even though it’s what is actually happening, but boxing does.

You put yourself in harm’s way to accomplish your biggest goals and you have a compatriot also going for theirs.  It’s really a beautiful exchange of give and take.  A true sharing of punches, an authentic experience in which you learn more about yourself each time you choose to enter the ring.

I am working hard to have this ring experience in my daily life through my interactions with people personally and as a coach.  I love having a gym to practice this skill in and I am also grateful for the few friends I have authentic and genuine conversations with.

Life gets sweeter and sweeter as I enjoy more of these kinds of interactions.  Come by the gym if you too want to be introduced to more authentic experiences and enjoy a terrific meeting space to express yourself to the fullest.

We are growing one gym member at a time!

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