Identity Struggle and Vision

Don’t Let Your Struggle Become Your Identity!

I saw this post a few weeks ago and it has really stuck with me.  

Like many I have had many struggles in my life.  I even remember being taught to be proud of what a survivor I was…..but that mentality seemed to lock me in forever desperation.  It was almost as if I wasn’t surviving I didn’t have something to be proud of.  

This view makes for an exhausting amount of effort in the ring and in life. 

Last year was one of the biggest continuous amount of struggle I have experienced  to date.  I have found it’s easy and somewhat comfortable to want to stay in that mentality.  It’s like an old friend- really familiar and takes no effort to hang out with.  So what to do?  How to move forward and be open to new identities emerging?  New styles of boxing?

I usually start with acknowledging how hard last year was and then pause to be extremely grateful that I had a lot of support, friends and boxing to assist me in having the strength to go through the experience without taking too many punches.  

I then look at my accomplishments.  They are complete, I have checked them off.  No longer are these tasks a struggle, they are done!  

Last, I take stock of what new skills I acquired and what skills did I strengthen.  This keeps me moving forward and looking for new angles rather than locking in to the past.  

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