There are many reasons each of us walk thruogh these doors and put on the gloves.
Whatever our goals and motivations, intentions, hopes, each of us is fighting for something.

The WHAT- As part of an upcoming collaborative arts event @ArcaroBoxing, we are soliciting responses to the below questions in hopes of understanding why it is you box and how you experience community through the sport of boxing.

The upcoming event will feature the work of local visual and performance artists inspired by the sport and community of boxers at Arcaro Boxing and culminate into an evening of creative expression and fellowship around the boxing ring!

The WHY- The lessons of us learn through boxing have direct parallels to our personal lives. Through creating an intentional platform for stories and and expression of our “fight”, the hope is to empower and build our community of fighters while creating greater access and understanding about the sport of boxing to the general public!

Hey ARCARO facebook community! Feel free to answer these questions and message us or e-mail

1.) What are you fighting for? (literally or metaphorically)

2.) In what ways have you experienced growth as a boxer and/or person?

3.) What is one of the most significant lessons boxing has taught you?

4.) What obstacles have you overcome/ or are you presently enduring in your workouts/sparring?

If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact Coach Tricia.  If you are an artist (performance or visual) interested in getting involved, contact Laura Wright


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