A Place to Gather

A gym is a place to gather as much as your neighborhood watering hole.  It’s what I really love about our gym in particular.  Especially after lesson.


Typically everyone sits around and shares their sparring and life experiences and I think it adds so much more to the class.  More than I could ever coach or guide in anyone’s training.

Boxers are the best teachers and listeners for each other.  Each person has their own unique perspective to their experience and knows better than anyone else what you in turn experience.

I like the comfort of the gym, the comfort of having cohorts to face fears along side.  The comfort of a corner that gives room for this type of experience.  I sit back after Lesson and take it all in and feel so proud to be a part of this developing community.

Every person makes room for each other to have their own experience.  Every person encourages the other to keep showing up so skills can improve and demons can be laid to rest.  Every person is vulnerable and courageous beyond measure!

Thank you all for your dedication and determination!


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