Recently I’ve been working with athletes from other sports.  It dawned on me as I was doing a training session, you can go to a few practices and then jump right into competition.  Boxing is very different.  It could be anywhere from 6 months to 1 year before you are ready to enter the competition ring.  It’s no wonder in our current society that boxing isn’t necessarily a sport that a lot gravitate to for competition.  Most of us want instant success and instant experiences.  Boxing is not that type of sport.

Boxing is a long time sport.  A day in and day out suffering to get little pieces of minor successes.  Boxing is a slow and steady walk up a Himalayan peak and wondering just how many false summits you are going to encounter.

Boxing is a you can get really hurt if you aren’t ready kind of sport.

Many people stop by the gym and have the hunger to box initially, but only a few have the grit and determination it takes to stay interested when the setbacks pile up.  That’s actually why I like it so much.  I’m ok with the transitions and turnovers, because when you get the 3% that you can count on for their commitment and fire, you know you are blessed and sure to experience a ton of growth.

When folks say boxing is dying, I couldn’t disagree more.  I’m seeing a desire for more and more longevity in learning.  People in our culture are hungry to slow down at least for an hour a day to pay attention to themselves and their personal growth.  That doesn’t always translate to competition but that’s ok, because what it means is that more and more folks are open to what boxers have to do.  It means that there are a few more people that understand boxing is more than slugging it out with another.  It’s a few more folks that will support our dedicated competitors.

Boxing is so universal.  It applies to business, personal conflicts, traumas, celebrations and everything in between.

Without it, I’d die.

Box on and spar often!

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