When punches don’t land

Today for the first time I experienced the ability to keep punching when nothing was landing.  Often times a great tactic in the ring is to have such superior defense that nothing lands clean and ultimately disheartens your opponent.  You can literally break down, frustrate and demoralize a person if you can take away their feeling of effectiveness.  Pretty soon, you can halt your opponents punch output because they lose their heart and desire to continue feeling ineffective.

As my sparring partner and I get more used to one another, we are able to take away each other’s strengths more consistently.  He has gotten really good and keeping me from landing anything clean on the inside.  I have found that his success made me stop punching all together.  Today I went in with the mindset to keep moving my hands, feet and head even if the punches weren’t landing and especially if he was stifling them.  After a few rounds of trying this, I finally started having a little success in moving through my own demoralization.  I slowly found new openings I hadn’t seen before and it really helped to liven our sparring and take it to the next level.

The best part is that I can count on him to find a new way to keep me from punching and I’ll have to find another skill or tactic to find openings again.  This weekly chess match is good for the body, mind and soul!

I encourage you to get in the gym and give boxing a try.

Box on and spar often!

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