From facebook page, Paradigm Shift:  “Many are paralyzed by their own limitations. Limitations of their own creation. They are locked in a prison and do not realize they hold the key…….You did not come here to have the same dull experience over and over again, every day, year in and year out, until your trips around the sun come to an end. You are here to experience so many of the amazing things this world has to offer……..Here is where it gets really cool. It doesn’t even matter if the step you take is correct or completely wrong. The universe will guide you. Like a GPS in your car, the universe will let you know if you are making a wrong turn. But you have to be making the move before it can tell you”

Repetition is key to training.  While it’s true that we aren’t here to have the same dull experience over and over, it is also true that repeating the same thing over and over again gives us information.  That limitation is really only the act of trying not to do something we really do.  We will continue to repeat what we are doing until we gain more awareness or until something is really heard.

In training today, everyone was doing jumping jacks.  We have all repeated thousands of jumping jacks.  One person wasn’t moving both legs out during the jack, she only moved her right leg out.  She had no idea that this is the way her body was moving.  Once I pointed it out, she could pay more attention to the repetition she was practicing and make a change if she wanted.

We often practice and repeat patterns we are completely unaware of and it usually takes discomfort, conflict or some outside source to enlighten us.  This is one of the many reasons I love boxing.

For example, If I deliver a jab and my hand comes back low, I am going to find out from my sparring partner hitting me with a left hook (I’m a southpaw).  In the ring I can either get interested or angry about why I keep getting hit.  If I stay interested and allow myself to repeat my habit, I will learn more until I am ready to implement something new.  Sometimes what I implement doesn’t work, but if I repeat it a few times I’ll get even more information.  This way of discovering is to me holding the key to unlocking usual patterns and habits in the ring and daily life.  This is the key to getting out of our own prison.  The prison of not knowing why things happen to us.

Essentially, be thankful and willing to engage in conflict, because you will learn something about yourself that can help you in future situations.   Keep repeating your patterns and habits until you can really understand what you are doing.  Stay patient when you don’t have different results, the answers are right there in the situation.  Be appreciative of the people willing to engage with you even when it doesn’t feel good because there is no right approach to anything.  There are only approaches and outcomes and learning and we are all in it together.

Box on, Spar often.

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  1. This morning, punch after punch at the heavy bag, flashing: where’s the snap, get it in there, damn every punch is different, how do I make lightening strike, how do I make it strike twice. Whap, whap, whap, shuffle, repeat, bzzzzzz.

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