The past couple of days I’ve been walking around my city, catching up with some friends, getting in some sparring rounds and catching up on gym happenings while I was away.

I am so happy that I took the risk to get this thing going.  It was worth every doubt, every tear, every conflict, every failure, every day I carried that flippin’ heavy bag to the park and back to the car.  

What I have surrounding me are committed community members.  Committed to boxing, learning, improving themselves and making this gym successful.  

I walked around the city really looking and interacting.  I slowed down to look people in the eyes and look at how many of us it takes to make this world run.  Usually I walk around being rather judgmental and flinging my opinions like they make no difference.  But, I realize they do.  My thoughts affect my body language, and my body language affects everyone around me. I really realized it as I passed by person after person.  So many of us look so unhappy, stressed and pre-occupied within ourselves, totally neglecting the fact that others exist around us.  I came to the conclusion that tons of sour, crappy, hurtful thoughts are like wandering around sucker punching everyone.

I spent the past few days being thankful for the gym, for encountering conflict, for people who love boxing and support my vision.  I feel a little lighter and very devoted to helping each and every person reach their goals, just like they are helping me.

A special thank you to Coach Jeremy and Christy for running the gym and keeping the community vibe alive!

Box On!

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