So, you think boxing is barbaric?

When I was 10 years old growing up in a small mountain town in Colorado, I wanted to participate in the Golden Gloves boxing tournament.  My father told me girls weren’t allowed to box.  I immediately came to the conclusion that boxing must be the stupidest sport ever.

I continued on with my athletic endeavors in t-ball, baseball, swimming, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, Gaelic football and finally rugby.   Pretty much anything that was physical and competitive.  I’ve always loved how it felt to use my body to test myself in all kinds of athletic situations.

I was a member of the 1998 Women’s Eagles Rugby World Cup team and thought that would be the culmination of my competitive and athletic career, but at the age of 31 I was reunited with the idea of boxing and this time, women could box.  Maybe it wasn’t a stupid sport after all.

I originally started for the fitness aspect of the sport.  The training a boxer does to be ready to get in the ring is really the best fitness regime you could ever experience.  Without even giving or taking punches, a boxing workout kicks your butt in ways I never imagined.  I never left a workout with my shirt dry!  But, my competitive nature wasn’t satisfied, so I dove in 100% and began sparring and competing.  So far I have spent 3 years actively competing as an amateur and 3 years as a professional. My last pro fight was in 2009.

I am a testament that it is never too late to start something new. That you can push any self imposed boundary you want.

Most people’s first comment of boxing is along the lines of it being barbaric.  But I have found in the 11 years that I have been boxing and teaching Boxing Fitness that life is far more barbaric with the words and insults we sling at each other.  We are always pretending that our words and others towards us don’t hurt as much as a punch to the face.  I can tell you that a punch to the face hurts less because it feels a heck of a lot more honest.

The beauty of boxing is that you really don’t have to engage in punching each other to enjoy the benefits of the sport.   Boxing fitness pushes you to entirely different levels.  You have to fully concentrate to deliver a punch while moving.  You have to engage your entire body to deliver an effective punch on a stationary heavy bag and often times by the end of 3 minute round, you will feel like the heavy bag won without ever throwing a punch back at you.

Boxing teaches you about standing your ground, knowing when to give, how to change your perspective and what it means to push yourself to your furthest limit.

If you are a person who has said that you can’t imagine punching someone, getting punched or that boxing is barbaric, I send you a challenge to try one boxing fitness workout and then tell me what you think.

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