Learning is paramount

If I stop learning, please just bury me.  Don’t even check for a pulse, just dig a hole, dump me in and cover me up.

Learning is passion and passion is learning to me.  I have committed my entire life to learning about myself, interactions with people and every single activity I’ve ever taken on.  

With learning comes plateaus.  Plateaus are not to be avoided or rushed through.  I used to try and slam through them and the result was always a longer plateau.  When you are in a plateau, it gives you a chance to assimilate all you have learned into a genuine knowing.  It’s like letting your muscles rest, repair and recover after you have demolished them with hard workouts.   Plateaus also give you a minute to raise your eyes up from the path in front of you, and gaze into the horizon.  They let you imagine what is up ahead and they let you dream about how it’s going to be when you get there.  Plateaus also illuminate the direction you need to go next.

In boxing, there isn’t a school to go to and learn about how to box or to teach boxing.  You have to be self taught, mentor and experience taught.  Right now, I am building connections with more experienced coaches so I can continue learning new skills and improving my coaching abilities.  These are stand up coaches doing their jobs for all the best reasons.  They take my boxers in and take me in without hesitation.  They also learn from us as we share our experiences, skills and views.   I love it that there are several of us out there who know we don’t all know everything and that we can all pitch in to make safer and better boxers.  We all have something to give each other no matter our levels of experience!

My goal is to be seen in the boxing world as an elite trainer.  I am driven to give my boxers a more fulfilling experience than I had in the height of my competition.  I am committed to their success and my success.  I am systematically going about this every day working with all types of boxers.  From the person who walks into the gym for the first time ever to experienced amateurs and pros.  I know that each and every one of these people give me a chance to practice my craft and hone my skills.  

Today Jen and I head to Nationals.  Each tournament I go in with an increased level of confidence and I like that about the repetition of practice.  I like going in as a coach and being determined to better my performance.  I couldn’t ask my boxers to improve if I wasn’t willing to as well.  I like being critical of my skills and taking responsibility for my boxer’s performance because it drives me to learn more for the next opportunity.  If it weren’t for this gym, I would not have the chance to have these experiences.

So, thank you to all of you who train here.  You keep the learning going and you keep it fun.

Thank you to Coach Jeremy for also being a coach driven to learn and for taking care of the gym while Jen and I are at Nationals.  

We will keep you posted….so until then…..

Box On!

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