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The walls to my gym are mostly empty.  I have a few posters and pictures of professional men and women boxers.  A few pieces of boxing art.  Some personal accomplishment mementos.  Trophies and medals from Arcaro amateur boxers.  A couple of white boards.  A cherished old school speed bag and the standard Ali tributes.  A heritage wall for the coaches here where we put pictures from our youth and pictures of our families.  And of course, heavy bags.

But, I was waiting for the moment to be able to display art from the community.  I wanted these walls to showcase works from the community to share with others and promote ideas and opinions from outside the boxing gym.  Finally, the moment came.  An artist, Christopher “Crumbs” stopped by on a cold call to sell his art and I knew right away that it was time to start the vision I saw.

Every two months, Arcaro Boxing will showcase a new artist by hanging their work on the wall.  Their pieces are for sale and we encourage you to purchase anything that catches your eye.  We have a vibrant artistic community to be celebrated here!

We are also working on a bigger community event project and will update you as we get closer!

In the mean time, check out CRUMBS!photo 1 (1) photo 2 (3)


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