Making changes

It’s now another year on the calendar.  I like the years I’ve amassed-  they feel like a bunch of championship rounds.  Each one has given me more than the last and every day is getting a little bit brighter…more full of life.  I’ve gained confidence from all the work put in…  I remember being younger dreaming about this happening and here I am realizing my dreams.

The main reason I’m realizing my dreams is because I have consistently increased my awareness of who I am and what I am doing.  I’ve also been willing to hear difficult things and open up more and more to the person I am.  Making changes in perspectives and life takes a lot of courage and strength.

Today in this morning’s training we were working on the idea of flow and identifying what punching and weight shift patterns we use to exercise our flow.  We practiced doing what we normally do and then practiced changing at least one pattern up.  This is a great drill for awareness, focus and determination.

Boxers have to be more and more in tune with their patterns as they gain experience in the ring.  Boxers and trainers have to tirelessly work together to discover their plateaus and add new patterns to keep things fresh, exciting and to keep from predictable.  Boxing is a daily grind as much as life is and complacency is an easy out compared to the discomfort it takes to always evolve.

Arcaro Boxing is committed to leading the way in always evolving and will help all of you to do the same in your training.

Get in the gym and Box On!

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  1. Kristine Penrod says:

    Wow. Many gyms could learn a great deal from your philosophy! I really like the taking something you normally do a certain way, realizing it, then changing it. Too many people, especially in boxing in my experience, let ego get in the way or a stringent set of beliefs about how things should be to even ask this question. Yet, in life (ring, job, everywhere) things are evolving. Constantly. Fluidity is an important part of life as well as boxing. Boxing is part of life for some, is life for others :).

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