Holidays and Athletes

One year ago, I made a huge decision to embark on an unknown journey.  I decided I was going to give notice at my gym of 10 years and do something new.  I wasn’t sure what the new was.  I was only certain that I wanted to continue training boxer Jen Hamann and that I wanted to continue to be a boxing coach for a living.

I had very supportive roommates and a few supportive friends.  Most of all, I had the belief and support of Jen.  With her in my corner and my internal drive, I knew something would work out and show me the way to go.  And after a million ups and downs and passionate experiences, here we are…….at Arcaro Gym getting ready for 2014.

I put in my notice and was scared to death of the unknown, but I knew that if I trusted myself and stayed open to the support of others that my path would be revealed with each decision and step I took.  I knew that if I trusted Jen and her ability coupled with mine that we could be successful no matter what difficulties we encountered.  Very much like a boxing match, each move reveals the next.

The holidays are a mix of experiences for athletes and coaches.  Last year Jen and I were buckling down to train for nationals in March while going through the duress of immense change.  This year, we are preparing for Nationals at the end of January.  That means making weight during a time period when most are celebrating by eating, drinking and being extra social.  Elite athletes must apply incredible discipline and focus no matter the outside distractions and this Christmas and New Year is no exception for Jen and myself.

As a coach, I of course don’t have to make weight or train, but I like to put myself in the same position to support the boxer.  I like to fully be in her corner so I can share in the difficult experience.  There’s really nothing we don’t do 100%.   It’s this effort combined with others that help us function as a solid team.  We have a handful of other coaches and trainers who are also supporting us and I am extremely grateful for the community we have cultivated in our endeavors.  Thank you to Chris Solorzano of Team Underground Fight Center in Colorado Springs for allowing us to have a home away from home.  Emily Edison of Momentum Nutrition and Fitness for keeping our nutritional focus on track and helping Jen to fuel her body for optimal performance.  Thank you to Golazo for the proper hydration needs during training.  Thank you to Philip Palaveev for his consistent support and tireless efforts to help Jen and I reach all of our goals.  Thank you to Lori Steinhorst who always comes through on any request we have.

Jen and I will be training, getting our family visits in, coaching and a million other things.  We invite you to follow us and support us on our way to Nationals in Spokane January 19th-25th.  Let us know what type of training you are doing through the holiday season and what your goals are as we turn the corner of another year.  It’s your shared experiences that make this boxing journey that much more fulfilling.  We will keep you posted through our blogs and facebook and you can interact with us anytime you like!  

Thank you for your continued support.  

And most of all, thank you Jen for making this whole year a rich and diverse experience.  I have grown leaps and bounds because of our efforts to work through all kinds of situations and I’m looking forward to the coming year.

Until the next blog or post, happy training holidays to you all.

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