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The rain and dark are settling in Seattle.  This time of year I appreciate because the nature of the weather makes me slow down and take stock a bit more.  I recently posted about feeling a lack of understanding for when a boxer says they have certain goals and then their actions don’t match their desires.  

So, it’s been on my mind all weekend.  I’ve always had drive.   Sometimes too much……nonetheless, I’ve had it.  If I didn’t, this gym most assuredly wouldn’t exist.

I’ve many times in life not felt motivated, or even felt like everything is futile.  I’m going through a little bit of it now.  I feel like part of my soul has been taken away from me and I’m not sure what to do.  I feel like some of my drive has been stolen, literally ripped from my hands.  

But, I get up anyway.  I go to work, I post on facebook for business, I blog, I coach others and I train.  I am a coach and a boxer. Neither really have time to lose their drive nor their passion for very long.  So, what is the key?

I think it is simply acknowledging the way you feel and moving forward anyway.  You may feel a little hollow for awhile.  You will get angry, say and do stupid things.  You will feel depressed and your workouts may lack a little oomph, but you will have kept moving and been yourself through the whole process.  This really is the key.  

What we feel matters, even if it makes others uncomfortable, or they don’t understand.  Even if our workouts don’t feel extraordinary.  What we feel is our drive, so if you’re feeling Meh, go train and be Meh.  Go to work and be Meh.  Interact with people from Meh….don’t pretend.

That’s the best advice I can give, because nothing is forever, it only feels like it in the moment.  And if you want to turn the tide when you are in a difficult situation in the ring or daily life, you will be thankful for the time you took to practice moving forward with the drive you have. 

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