Currently I have some boxers struggling with motivation and commitment to training.  They say they want to achieve high goals, but their training decisions don’t match up.  I’ve been struggling to understand this.  Struggling to be open minded, empathetic and supportive.  I’m hitting high levels of frustration.  

When I was a junior and senior year in high school, life was extremely challenging.  I moved from a small town I lived in for 10 years and relocated to the city.  I was in a rather uncertain situation and ended up working night shift at a nursing home, while going to high school and playing varsity sports.  

If I want something, I systematically go about getting it.  Sometimes I am too much of a bulldozer about it.  But, the way I see it is, if I want it, all I have to do is think it and take action constantly.  I know I will get there, I just won’t know the way.  I’ll hit snags where I try and force how I get it, but I always break free and continue to move until my goal is reached.  

I can’t teach this and that is so frustrating.  I can see clearly and yet, I can’t share my vision.  Today is a frustrating day.  I know simply if folks would make a few different decisions they could have whatever it is they they want……..that it is simply the idea of fear, unknown and others judgments that stops them, but then again, that would be my path and not theirs, wouldn’t it?

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