Perception, Insecurity and Ability

I’ve been watching a lot of boxing footage lately.  I’ll pick one boxer and watch them in matches versus all different types of opponents.  I look for consistent patterns that never leave the boxer’s body and I look for patterns that change based on the level of threat they are experiencing.  

The real threat of physically hitting the mat can change a boxer’s behavior entirely.  I watched a free flowing boxer change into a hesitant, slow, stiff, frozen boxer.  Crazy, because this change increased their chance of hitting the mat.  They would have been less likely to suffer the consequences of another’s power had they stuck to their game plan of fluidity.

This applies in daily life.  Our own insecurities completely change the way we behave.  The perceived threat overrides our natural talent and our beautiful ability to exert confident and decisive action.  

I’m curious how all of you experience insecurity and confidence and how you make certainty more of a constant even in presence of the unknown.

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