Small Business Highlight- Good Hair Salon

Danyale Thomas Ross is a Garfield graduate and incredible business owner.  She is a huge presence in the community and I value the relationship I have kept with her as we both move forward in business.  After Danyale recently attended a fitness class, I sent her a few questions to answer.  Take a minute and read, then make sure you get into Good Hair Salon, because the vibe is incredible and you will want to just sit there and soak it up!

1.  When was Good Hair Born? 

I opened GHS March 2006 after many years as a independent contractor working in different salons. 

2.  Tell me about your passion for opening a shop. 

I really wanted to create a space that would cater to an under served niche in African American hair care market that specialized in preserving natural hair textures 

3.  What type of environment do you create for your customers?

 The goal is to provide the community with a space where who you are naturally is valued.  A relaxed, fun, inclusive welcoming environment 

4.  Outside of the shop, what are your passions?

 I love to travel,  I try to take at least 3-5 trips a year somewhere in the States and at least one trip every 2 years out of the country. Washington is perfect for my love of outdoors, kayaking or hiking through the woods is something I do frequently through the summer and spring. 

5.  Have any good community stories you want to share?  

We get requests for sponsorships at least 4-6 events a year.  One of the most memorable and rewarding was participating in the Hopscotch event this past summer.  It gave great connections to other businesses and community members who love the CD like I do.

6.  Anything else you want to tell everyone about your business?

Like us on facebook/goodhairsalon, follow us on twitter @goodhairsalon, instagram goodhairsalon1and pintrest @goodhairsalon

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