Small Business Highlight- Machina Boxing

I am often asked where should folks go to buy boxing equipment.  This blog post is specifically for boxing products designed with female boxers in mind.  

I recently sent several questions for Austin and Courtney of Machina Boxing to respond to and here is the outcome!  I encourage you read each thoughtful response.

1.  When did you start your business and why?

The idea for a dedicated brand of women’s boxing gear came about from a casual conversation regarding the lack of options for women fighters between myself and my partner, Courtney  in the Summer of 2011. Courtney had been looking for some competition clothing for an upcoming exhibition fight and realized there was nothing terribly exciting. It was about one year later that the brand was officially launched.
I had been doing branding and design for clients for many years, but was becoming disenfranchised due to constantly having to compromise my vision for my client’s whims. An opportunity to develop a new brand from the ground up in the way I envisioned it was too good to pass us. For Courtney it was an chance to develop the kinds of products she would want to use/wear – products for the type of girl who’s a hardworking, sweaty badass in the gym but still stylish in and outside the gym. Since we are both passionate about the sport and we each take part in boxing as part of our personal fitness it was a perfect type of business to become involved in.

2.  Why the name Machina?

It didn’t take terribly long for us to find ‘Machina’, (“muh-shee-nuh”). We knew we were looking for a name that instantly got across the idea of serious training. Any businesses who were doing anything remotely similar usually resorted to something cute and clever and almost invariably hardcore pink! We reaized going in we needed a new approach and needed to avoid stereotypes and cliches. ‘Machina’ spoke to us immediately because it sounds tough yet feminine and ultimately when you train to box, you train to be a machine.

3.  What are your long term goals?

We intend to become the de facto brand for women’s boxing and establish an identity for Machina that is linked to athletic and accomplished women everywhere. Additionally, we would like for Machina to become a lifestyle brand that, while continuing to be connected with boxing, becomes much larger than that.
Everything we’ve accomplished thus far is merely a stepping stone to the next thing. Today we’re small and largely unknown, but everyday we’re taking measures to increase our exposure and build a solid reputation for the brand. We like to say we have an unbreakable commitment to being all that we can be.

4.  How can women order your product?

Currently there’s only a handful of gyms and trainers who represent and sell our products. The easiest way to find us is on our website We offer low flat rate shipping in the US and Canada and we’ve been known to offer specials to folks on our mailing list as well as those who follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

5.  What do you like most about boxing?

Like most sports, when you can appreciate the fact that it is far tougher than it looks it makes it so much more enjoyable. Likewise, when you take the time to learn how to throw a perfect jab and later begin to notice all the angling, maneuvering and subtle strategies that go on in a bout you really start to understand the concept of ‘the sweet science’. Boxing is beautiful.
From a fitness standpoint, there’s little out there that compares to a boxing workout. And boxing, unlike so many fitness crazes that come and go, remains the same as ever.

6.  Outside of boxing and business, do you have other passions?

One thing we’ve noticed about us as friends and partners is that just as soon as we start thinking we have a lot in common we quickly realize that we truly inhabit different planets! It has become clear that the similarities and differences of our influences actually make us great partners.
Having said that, we do each have many interests. For me, I am a great fan of books and movies that feature dry storylines involving crime and intrigue revolving around loner men and dangerous women, whereas Courtney goes for quirky cable shows about wry witted women and misunderstood (yet very handsome) leading men! I like my bourbon with ice and a decent cigar, while Courtney happens to be a huge tea snob (she denies) and thinks cigars are gross (also denies). Courtney is into healthy living and dining out as much as possible. I also like dining out.

7.  Any causes or organizations you support?

On a personal level I have been involved locally with the Big Brothers organization and support Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s research. Courtney is a proponent of Alzheimer’s as well and various enterprising women’s organizations.
We are shopping around for charities and causes that Machina can get involved with. We don’t have deep pockets to contribute a lot financially so we prefer to find organizations or events that we can provide time and energy to. We’re hoping to find some great inspiring causes that have to do specifically with helping women in some capacity. We’ve also been kicking around the idea of organizing an annual blood drive – the marketing writes itself!! If anyone has suggestions send us an

8.  Anything else you would like to add?

Just that we are very nice people! We encourage people to get in touch with us. Whether you have ideas for us, want to discuss sponsorship or cross promotional opportunities or just want to share your experiences with your involvement in women’s athletics. We want to learn and grow and help others do likewise.

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