Respecting the Dons

My last blog I talked about being Grateful to Everyone.  The concept from the book, Training the Mind.  Today’s subject matter builds off of this and is from the same section.  It is called Offering to the Dons.  

Dons are like the punches you don’t see coming.  Like the opponent that could put you on the mat if you don’t pay attention.  The idea of Offering to the Dons is to welcome these types of opponents because they keep you from becoming complacent.  

When you are aware that a person has the power to put you on the mat, you can’t stop paying attention.  You have to stay fully engaged 100% of the time.

This idea is the whole beauty of boxing.  When you enter the ropes, you are thankful that your opponent could cause you harm.  You are respectful of their power.  You are forced to pay attention and to be your best.  

In life we often forget to be thankful for the folks who can cause us harm.  We forget that they keep us on our toes.  

I challenge you today to find one person who could put you on the mat and silently thank them.

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