Moving Forward and being lost in the right direction

We are 5 days old.  Just a baby.  Moving forward

The cool thing about being an infant is that everything is a discovery, everything is brand new.  The world is one big science experiment and there is so much to learn.

I really want to hang on to this feeling as long as possible-  actually I really want to hang on to this feeling for the rest of my life.  This gym, my life, boxing, it should all be one big huge experiment full of discovery-  a perpetual sparring experience.

I have spent a lifetime living in the past.  And when I live in the past, I am not discovering, I am not hanging on to that learning feeling,  I am perpetuating the same habits over and over.  This week every day had no past, only a new day in the life of Arcaro Boxing.  That realization was exhilarating.

My past got me here, but it does not keep me here and it does not move me forward.  Discovery moves me forward.  Being open to feedback, listening to others and celebrating community ties moves me forward.  Boxing moves me forward.

If you want learn to move forward, even when you feel like you are moving backwards, I encourage you to box.  I encourage you to learn in every workout, in every punch on the heavy bag or sparring.  If you want to move forward, it is as I posted on facebook this morning from

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal.

If you are getting picked off, or deterred in your forward movement, maybe you need to add an angle or move your head, but no matter what, find a way to keep moving forward.  Do not believe your past because it is just that, your past.

Moving forward feels scary and you are often in unknown territory, but you can get used to it, you can strengthen your endurance and capacity for discomfort.  A friend sent me a quote and it said, “It feels good to be lost in the right direction”

That is what I am.  I have never been a business owner, I have never been the coach of a national and international champion.

This week I decided to not worry about what I have never been.

What I do know………It feels darn good to turn the key to the door to my gym, open it up, look around and go, yeah, this is where I work.

I am lost in the right direction!  I will keep moving forward.

Box On!

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