Time to celebrate

It’s here.  I’m officially experiencing what it means to go from not really having an official job to being a business owner.  It’s been the year of change.  Not sure what animal would represent this year……I’m thinking maybe more along the lines of shape shifter.

Before I delve any further into mystical creatures and the such, I have to be thankful, grateful, appreciative and humbled by my corner support.  I know technically that I’m the corner person, but I often feel that my boxers are truly in MY corner.  Boxer Jen Hamann has busted her tail day in and out in training, in promoting the gym and in sticking by me when everything seemed impossible.  Not only has she been able to do this on a day to day basis, but she has been able to perform in the ring with very successful results.  Boxer Will Robinson has committed himself to studying his patterns in life and he has believed in me and my coaching to guide him through to success in the ring.  Lately, he has been learning some pretty tough lessons and I am so thankful that he is sticking it out, because I want him to reap the rewards!  Boxer Precious Harris has made huge lifestyle changes and has increased her consistency in a very inconsistent environment.  I am the luckiest coach on the planet.  Boxer Sophia Haddix has contributed to gym supplies and overall support, while she navigates a busy lifestyle and figuring where to fit in to the scheme of the schedule.

I have this motley crew of gifted boxers and intelligent people that want to make a difference in their community.  We all have unique personalities and quirks and we are more and more becoming accepting of our behaviors in all forms.  This is what it means to be a boxing family….to accept each other’s expression in all its beautiful form and I am the lucky one to witness this day in and day out.

We really have had one hell of a year and finally found our home.  We will be working within our community to share our experiences and we invite you to celebrate the creation of our home.  Sunday October 6th from 4pm-6pm you can stop in at 1208 East Jefferson St.  and take it all in with us.

Monday October 7th, we are official and we also want you to be with us to participate any way you can!

Now, back to shape shifters.  Boxer Jen Hamann has been candid about her sassiness and strong opinions.  I am thankful for this expression even when it’s hard to witness.  She is the perfect lead boxer and Precious, Will, Sophia (and Jeffrey) are her perfect co-horts.  They all bring something unique to the table and give back by sharing their experience.  Sometimes they are perfectly confident, other times they completely disappear so they don’t have to face what’s going on.  Sometimes they bulldoze, other times they hide..but all the time they share their love for boxing and the sacrifice it takes.

Please come by Sunday and meet the boxers, see the space, enjoy socializing and most of all, please help us maximize our fun potential!

Box On!  and spread the word.

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