Over the past couple of months I have been very lucky to meet some incredible boxing folks that live, breathe and eat training, boxing and giving back to others in this incredible sport and their communities.  This blog post is a tribute to them all and a chance for you to like their facebook pages and see the kind of work that is going on!

Lori Steinhorst is a person I have known about a long time, but I haven’t really known what she does.  She manages Pro Boxers, works with women via boxing to help them get on track and does many fundraising projects for different causes.  You can check out Bad Girls Boxing and Women Warriors to learn more.  Lori has been a person of her word and is going to great lengths to assist myself, Arcaro Boxing and boxer Jen Hamann.  I am extremely grateful for her efforts and her vision of passing the sport of boxing on as well as connecting folks that will work even more powerfully together.

Recently, a fellow Pacific Northwest Coach, Tony Rago teamed up with Lori to do a fundraiser boxing show called Inspire Me.  Tony Rago gives tirelessly to his own boxing club White Center PAL and to all Pacific Northwest Clubs.  There aren’t enough fist bumps in the world for what this guy does, so this public thank you will have to suffice for now.

Next connection, Ann-Marie Saccurato.  An amazing boxing champion and elite strength and conditioning coach.  Ann-Marie is the CEO of Triple Threat Training Systems.  Lori contacted me about getting the chance to meet Ann-Marie Saccurato at Tony Rago’s Inspire Me boxing event–in the hopes the two of us would want to work together in the future.  Ann-Marie trains figure competitor Lia Brocking and the entire Inspire Me event was a tribute to her father who passed away from cancer.  (you can read an earlier blog about the event and the Brocking’s story)

Meeting Ann-Marie has me more and more excited about what Arcaro Boxing is meant to do and where we can go as a gym by working with others.   Boxers helping one another by sharing their knowledge, expertise and experiences makes this sport that much more beautiful.  Ann-Marie will be coming to Seattle to work with boxer Jen Hamann and myself on strength and conditioning and to discuss future plans of partnering.   She is currently relocating her business to the east coast and I encourage you all to support her by spreading the word.  She is a motivational speaker and gives her heart and soul to her craft.  Thank you Ann-Marie and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together.

Currently I am in L.A. with Lori and Jen on a dream of a boxing trip.  Because of the support of donated miles for flight and Lori’s work in boxing, we are getting to meet other boxers making huge sacrifices just like us.  It is inspiring.

Lori’s connections and reputation in the boxing community, enabled us to work out at the famous Wild Card Gym and meet Coach Roach and World Champion Diana Prazak.  We were welcomed with open arms.  Diana relocated to L.A. from Australia and is sacrificing everything to achieve her goals in boxing.  She was gracious, direct, opinionated, sassy, feisty and an honor to meet.  She took some time to give Jen pointers while hitting the heavy bag and answered technique questions I had.  She was full of stories about how boxing saved her butt and how she loves training and sharing boxing with others.  Her passion was infectious!  It makes all these months of travelling around to gyms and working in the park that much more worth it knowing many others do the same and harder.  Please go like Diana Prazak’s Athlete page…she is just getting warmed up and has already accomplished so much.

We have more folks to meet on this trip and I can’t wait to share this experience with you all.  Follow along via this blog, Arcaro Boxing facebook and Jen Hamann- Boxer fb.

We want you all to be in the corner so you can have the best view in the house!

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