Lost and Found

For many years I was searching.  Searching for what I wanted to do.  My first real job was Dairy Queen, then I started in the medical field as a nursing assistant at the age of 17.  In this career, I cut my teeth on all the different realms of human existence.  I learned so much about life and my beliefs by being exposed to all kinds of people.  I moved around to many facilities and was exposed to different illnesses, recoveries, losses and victories.  But still, something didn’t seem right….I didn’t want to continue on to nursing, so I kept looking.

Enter United Parcel Service.  This too was an amazing job, exposing me to business, bottom lines, managing people, logistics and giving oneself over to a company.  I thought I had found my career, but the 12-16 hour days began debilitating me and I was losing touch with my athletic self.

Then, boxing.  I started competing and never looked back.  I resisted coaching at first because I had so much I wanted to prove to myself in the ring, but ultimately, coaching won out.

It feels incredible to find what you were meant to do.  In a sense- a true calling, a duty.  This is how I feel about being a coach in boxing.  I’ve coached other sports and given back to the sporting communities I participated in, but nothing has made more sense than boxing.

Boxing is really about day to day existence.  It’s easy to talk to others in boxing language and it’s incredibly fun and relieving to punch and teach others to punch.

I am thrilled to have found what I was meant to do and as I approach the opening date of Arcaro Boxing, I am thrilled to invite you to participate.

There are many gyms to choose from in Seattle and I am excited to add my gym to the list.

Long live boxing, the Arcaro family and the thrill of the punch!


Grandma and Grandpa Arcaro birthed 17 children and we have all placed our footprint on this world

Box On!

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