Working with Post Prison Education Program

Arcaro Boxing is partnering with the Post Prison Education Program (PPEP) by offering boxing training to participants and staff.  

Boxing is all about becoming more aware of what rhythms and patterns one uses so they can be implemented more consciously and effectively.  Becoming more aware in the ring and training automatically makes one more aware in life and that is why PPEP and Arcaro Boxing are the perfect match.  

PPEP works with recently released felons and immediately establishes new patterns everyday to increase success.  By offering educational opportunities, PPEP helps participants to build confidence from the inside out so when the tough times arise, they can use their new strength to make choices to keep moving forward.

Arcaro Boxing is taking the physical approach and giving PPEP participants a place to let out their frustration, ease tension, increase overall fitness and confidence.  At the same time, participants are learning how to focus, increase discipline habits and care for their own health.  

After 4 sessions, the results are showing and it is exciting to see the motivation in all the Program’s participants.  

We will keep you posted on our progress and if you want more information about PPEP, you can go to

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