It’s been a little quiet on the web page as of late.  I could blame it on an unbelievable sunny, sunny, incredible Seattle summer……(and I might) or I could just say that I wasn’t sure what to write.  

It’s definitely not due to a shortage of thoughts.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of the balance between knowing when to rest versus when to push through and train.  

How do you decide?  

When is not training, an example of choosing to hold yourself back from your goals?  And when is pushing through when you need to rest another version of holding yourself back?

I ask my boxers who tend to have the habit of missing training to make a commitment to come to training no matter what for a specific amount of time.  We have to have some type of consistency to measure all the ways not wanting to train shows up versus when our bodies are really tired.  

 I believe once you have experienced several cycles of not wanting to go to training and you go anyway, you gain enough insight as to when you really need to rest. You have to endure a certain amount of discomfort to learn something new.  For the boxer that tends to skip training, the discomfort is going anyway.

For the boxer who always pushes themselves, the discomfort is resting when you want to train.  I haven’t come up with a method I want to follow for these types of boxers that constantly push themselves, but I am narrowing in.  I’d love to hear your ideas.

Share how you decide when to train versus rest……

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