Embracing Community

I’ve been experiencing a new sense of connection to people lately.

I attribute this to all the outdoor boxing sessions I’ve been doing with gym members over the past couple of months.  

Three days a week I encounter 4 Chinese folks ranging in age from 60-80.  One guy leads the other 3 in an exercise routine while we are going through our boxing routine.  When we first crossed paths, all of us quietly did our thing with no interaction.  As the days went by, we began greeting each other good morning, then they would quietly leave as we continued on.  

Now, we greet each other good morning and say goodbye and include an occasional gracious bow.  We have all become a part of each others start to the day.  We don’t speak each others verbal language, but we do speak the language of movement  and exercise and that makes us a special community.  

So, here’s a shout out to our morning workout buddies.  Thanks for sharing very special mornings with us in movement!  

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