It isn’t going to be August

Well, permits are still moving through the slow, slog of approvals, so the August opening goal isn’t going to happen.  

Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving.  I’d like to move the permits along faster, but I can’t.  

I’ve hit so many different levels of frustration and shared my feelings along the way.  I am grateful to all of you for sticking by me with this vision of getting the gym going.  I am grateful to have this medium to share my experience with my community.

I’ve been really surprised at who has stuck with me, and who hasn’t.  I’ve been surprised how alone I’ve felt only to realize, it’s not true.  Your words of encouragement and also shared stories of similar hell have reminded me to stay connected versus shut myself off in some world alone.  That staying connected means I have to face things and it’s not always pleasant.  

I’ve been told that you have to be a little crazy to want to start a business.  Well, I am a little crazy and getting crazier by the minute as this process takes so long.  But, at least I am still coaching and following a dream that matters to me, a dream that at first I didn’t even know I had.  At least I have boxing and the boxing community and thousands of kindred spirits punching their way through this existence.

Thank you for your patience and I promise you, I am committed to boxing, coaching and growth so you can experience all the benefits that this sport has given me.

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