Keep Moving

Today I worked with a gym member who is also an entrepreneur.   We were training while 20+ people were engaged in Tai Chi.   It was beautiful,  him punching while they flowed as a group.

All these bodies engaging in physical expression in a small public area was so powerful.   A lot of emotion moved through me unexpectedly.

I’ve been thinking a lot about perception and reality lately and how we dictate our own experience.   How we limit ourselves by getting stuck in focusing on what we don’t have.   How we think that a closed door means stop or imminent failure.   For one hour,  none of that existed.   Just constant flow and movement just for the sake of movement.   None of us was going anywhere,  we just moved together and no words were spoken.

At the end of the training session,  this entrepreneur said to me,  the sure way to failure is to quit and stop moving.   If you keep moving, you will succeed.  You will feel like nothing is working,  but just keep moving if you want it bad enough.

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