The Brocking Project

One great thing about boxing is the camaraderie and connection between athletes and coaches.

I have long respected athlete and coach, Ann-Marie Saccurato.

Before the 2013 Nationals, I reached out to Ann-Marie via facebook to talk to her about training and peaking a boxer.  She was receptive and didn’t hesitate to set up a phone meeting with me to discuss what I was doing compared to her philosophies.  I appreciated her willingness to help a fellow coach out and to take unpaid time out of her day when she too busts tail to make a living like myself.  

Ann-Marie is coming to Seattle with one of her athletes, Lia Brocking.  I’ve never met Ann-Marie in person and am looking forward to getting the chance July 27th at the White Center “Inspire Me” boxing event.  This is a very special event as Lia lost her father and dedicates this event in his name.  Please take the time to read a small snippet of his story, donate whatever you can and most importantly, get yourself out to the event on the 27th at Evergreen High School.  You can stay tuned to Arcaro Boxing on facebook to receive specifics about the event!

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