Boxing Appreciation Day

I have been through some of the most difficult 7 months of my life so far and at the same time it has been a monumental worthwhile learning experience.   I’m not even close to being done with it,  but today,  something broke free.   I understand how to stand in the pocket under an onslaught of flurries and keep my feet grounded.

On a whim,  I created a facebook event called Boxing Appreciation Day.   I wanted to take a moment in a day and have as many people pause to realize what this sport has given to us as individuals and as a society.

I needed this because sometimes I get caught up in the day to day drama of my world and start believing what I don’t have. I’ve been overdue reminding myself about the bigger picture and what is out there beyond me.

I read some of the remarks people wrote on the Event Page and felt grateful to be connected to a bigger community beyond my immediate surroundings.   We are all doing the best we can with the skills we have and many of us use boxing to make sense of it all.

With boxing,  I have learned how to experience many emotions and still believe my vision to keep moving forward. I’ve many times succeeded,  failed,  made a fool of myself and looked stellar!   I’ve helped countless others find their way and held the line so they could have a grounding point to return.   I have and continue to experience life to the fullest because of this sport and I love it more than ever.   It has unlocked my purpose and career.

It is boxing that is going to get me through what it takes to open and maintain a successful business.   It is boxing that allows me an outlet for the expression I get chastised for in daily life.   It is boxing that let’s me feel the honesty of interaction we have with each other.   Boxing allows me to feel immense pain,  hit the mat, get up again and slip the punch the next time.

And, ya, I’m finally getting better at slipping and landing counters along the way.

Right now I am waiting for the City of Seattle to approve permits so I can put a structure to this gym I have been building.   Once the permits are approved, it’s another 5 weeks for the build out plus whatever extra time is needed for unforeseen circumstances.   This has been a heartbreaking experience and I’ve never been interested in developing the kind of patience this process requires until I saw how it transferred over to my Sparring.

Finally,  finally,  finally,  I understand distance and space.  I understand when to hold my ground versus giving a little.   I understand every time I go for a specific outcome,  I am negating the process and it’s the process that captures the magic of what I am doing.

I am willing to experience heartache,  discomfort,  and seemingly hopeless situations to achieve the strength it will take to accomplish even greater things than I already have.

Thank you Boxing Appreciation Day,  you gave me freedom and connection outside myself when I was feeling alone.

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