Mayweather vs. Canelo

It’s no secret, I am a huge Mayweather fan.  I don’t care how he promotes himself, villain or saint.  All I have to do is pull up the footage of when he was robbed against the Bulgarian in the Olympics and pull up his footage now.  Immense difference!

 What this means to me, is that he is a boxer with high technique and training standards.  I wish to have 4 hours alone with him to talk about training nuances…..not the media mittwork crap that we all buy in to.  He is clearly a genius at training…..he listens to his coaches, trusts his instincts and consistently strives to improve his craft.

I love to watch him in the ring.  You can tell he is learning while he boxes.  Every coach dreams of the boxer that can do this.  It’s true that Canelo too learns, but I don’t think as well as Floyd.  Often these types of boxers are criticized by the general public.  People think they are lazy, inept, or whatever….but what they are is really brilliant.  They use every second to learn, to be curious and to improve their own skills.

Boxers like Canelo and Mayweather are using each second to study distance, patterns, defaults and weaknesses.  Mayweather, I feel is a genius in this realm.  Canelo, well, he will be a genius in time.  

I firmly believe that Canelo will be the only boxer not ruined in his defeat by Mayweather…..but he will go to a whole new level and at least we will have another great to watch as Mayweather exits!


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