Curiosity and Learning

Boxing is the greatest sport ever.  It can make you feel the worst you have ever felt and it can make you feel the best.  Most importantly, it makes you FEEL!  It allows you to express!

At Arcaro, we strive to cultivate curiosity and learning.  The more interested you are, the more engaged and productive your training will be.

It’s during times of duress is when it is most difficult to remember to be curious.  But, if you can find even a sliver of interest, your crisis will soon turn into the most valuable learning experience ever.

In boxing terms, this sliver of learning is demonstrated by a boxer who takes a whopping shot that buckles his or her knees and it looks as if they are going to hit the mat, then suddenly something deep within them takes over and their wobble turns into a new skill of finding balance and bearings.  In that flash of an instant the boxer became more interested in staying upright than succumbing to the ease of resting on the mat.

If you practice curiosity in training and in life, when you are tested, this skill will come through for you too.

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