Footwork and Marco Antonio Barerra

I am fascinated with footwork.  To me, footwork is everything, the foundation of a boxer’s skill….

Some of the flashiest and best I think are:  Sugar Ray Leonard, Willie Pep, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Pernell Whittaker, Floyd Mayweather…..and many more of old and new.  (Willie Pep)

Footwork isn’t always as fancy as the above.  Sometimes it’s as simple as the genius of Marco Antonio Barrera (  A boxer who makes little adjustments to affect rhythm and pace.  A person who can adjust to any situation and have an answer.  

The ability to adjust so quickly is one of the best skills in the ring and life.  While the adjustments and responses aren’t always right, they are action and movement.  Action provides learning and makes new experiences possible. For myself, and  as a coach, that is what I strive for, learning and new experiences……cultivating an atmosphere of curiosity and learning.



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