Fear and the sweet “pop”

It is the coolest experience when you let go of fear for a minute your body delivers a punch.  You can feel the power in your body and  you hear the praise from the heavy bag resulting in a sweet “pop” sound.

Fear makes us tense and hanging on.  Trying to do things right, we grind and gruel through routine rather than slide through.  Tension shuts things down, but experiment and expression open up muscles allowing the snap of the punch to be executed.

 For us to say exactly what we mean in a physical, tangible way via punching  feels amazing and scary at the same time.  Once you get used to it, it’s all you will ever want.

Next time you shadow box, hit the bag or the focus mitts, check in and see what you are hanging on to and what you can let go, then listen for that sweet “pop”

Box on! 


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