Small Business Highlight- Kismet Salon

Another great business and sponsor of Boxer- Jen Hamann is Kismet Salon.  Recently, owner Heather answered a few questions:

1.  What prompted you to start your own business?
 I started Kismet Salon after I adopted my eldest daughter and was pregnant with my second. I needed a place to work when I came back from maternity leave.  I thought owning my own business would provide me a stable place to work and flexibility I would need with two small children.  I think I probably had always thought about owning my own place when the timing and need coincided.  One could say destiny or fate, I might just say Kismet.
2.  What is your favorite thing about Kismet Salon?
My favorite thing about Kismet Salon is that we are a friendly neighborhood salon and that our clients will just stop in to say hello when they are walking by.
3.  What is your favorite thing about your community?
The reason I like the Madrona neighborhood is that the residents  love to support local businesses and there is a great sense of community.
When Jen and I walked in to inquire about sponsorship to support her boxing Road to Gold, Heather was on board immediately.  We appreciate Kismet’s community spirit and look forward to sharing the journey with this outstanding local business!




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