Most of my boxing epiphanies happen when I’m not boxing or training boxers. They typically happen on long dog walks or when doing yard work.   Especially when using a pick axe to turn dirt over.   It’s important to do other physical things besides boxing so your body can integrate all the boxing you have practiced.  Doing other activities allows your body to open up and exercise expression in different ways.  
Allowing your boxer to play soccer,  snowboard,  skateboard,  etc,  may be risky for potential injury but I think it is far more risky to injure the soul by not allowing other outlets for expression.
After observing boxers come back from doing some activity they love,  I see an increase in relaxation,  boxing skill and
motivation.   This payoff and avoidance of burnout is worth the potential risk of injury.   Trust your boxer and their needs and trust yourself.   It will be a powerful combination with powerful results.
Box on!

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