I like to watch boxing and review video tape.  Watching tape is a skill that can be developed and improved constantly.

Recently I had the epiphany to look for patterns versus judging the performance.  This epiphany came from a mistake!


I watched some video footage and completely underestimated an opponent’s skill level and just about ruined my boxer’s chance of winning.  I was judging the opponent based on the person they were in the ring with and thought they were an “easy” match.  When this opponent got in the ring with my boxer, they were completely more aggressive and effective than I anticipated.   We were completely caught off guard and had to scramble to get a handle on the match.  I had done my boxer a disservice and I wanted to know why.

This outcome bugged me for weeks and occupied my mind incessantly.

Finally, I was watching some footage for Nationals and noticed that this particular boxer always entered the ring by swooping in to the right to begin the match.  This pattern repeated itself each round and a light bulb lit up for me.  My theory was, If my boxer could immediately change this pattern up, their opponent would experience discomfort and be out of their element.  So, we took the tactic to swoop in to our left and make the opponent have to adjust.  It worked!  They were immediately uncomfortable and always a step behind because they could not establish their pattern.

Watching footage IS about patterns and not watching how a boxer does against another.

In the ring as in life, there are different dynamics between people.  So, you cannot count on an opponent to act the same with your boxer as another.  But, there are patterns that each person does consistently no matter who is in the ring with them and that you can count on.

Next time you watch footage, look beyond the two in the ring and notice what patterns you see.

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