There are a million little matches on the way to one big match.  It is each of these little matches that establish your character, your will, your desire.  It is the little matches that teach you who is in your corner for the long haul and who has no interest in digging in.  These little matches test you to the fullest extent of your limits.  The public sees the big match played out on stage but never gets the inside scoop about the travels along the way.  

Often times you look around you and think everyone else is on top of it, cruising at altitude and having it easy.  It’s typical to forget that their little matches aren’t showing up on public radar either.  It’s hard to see that the approach to the big match is a very level playing field, because everyone is dealing with the stress of the little matches to get there.  

We are approaching 9 days out from Nationals and still doing fundraising to make the trip.  We are dealing with making weight.  We are dealing with the difficulties that life generally brings and our spirits are being tested.  It is this experience and the way we respond that will come to fruition in the ring.  

I know we are prepared.  We have done the work and it’s time to let the hands go.

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