Reflection on Team

It’s Sunday and only 2 weeks until the first weigh-ins for Nationals.  It’s been an interesting path to this point and I’m excited for what will appear over the horizon.  

Over the past few months, many people have worked and donated a lot of time ensuring we get to Nationals in the best shape possible.

Behind every boxer in the ring is a team.  This individual sport takes a lot of team effort and I am surrounded by a solid and tremendous group of people

I am thankful for Greg Dontchos, Nicole Browning, Jody Waits, Christina Rocks, Brett Keough, Erik Norwood, Mike Hayes, Paul Reynolds, Declan Owens, Kerri Arenholz, and Emily Edison.

I am also thankful for boxer Jen Hamann.  As we prepare for her matches during Nationals week, I realize what an amazing opportunity working with her has been and will continue to be.  I have had to learn more about myself, my community and what boxing really means to me.   If it weren’t for her skill, courage and tenacity, I wouldn’t be pushed to such high levels.

You can follow us all the way through by staying connected to this blog, Jen’s webpage and blog  or facebook Jen Hamann- Boxer and facebook Arcaro Boxing.

We will also update you about Live Streaming of Nationals and where and when there will be group viewings!  

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