Boxing Gym Community

Each day is a process toward opening this business.  The search for a gym home is nothing like I expected and with angle changes I never knew existed.  I am enjoying the depth of my experience and appreciative of all those that support me on this epic journey.

I was thinking today about what has been the hardest part of this break from working at a gym.  Without a doubt, it is the Gym Community!

I really miss seeing all the people who box in the gym everyday.  I miss seeing the changes in their boxing skills, fitness, body shapes and confidence.  I miss getting to ask “what are you working on”.  I miss the daily interaction that I loved and looked forward to when I’d wake up and realize I really am a boxing coach.  

I miss the sound of a bunch of ropes hitting the floor in unison to the beat of the music.  I miss walking through the gym feeding off of all the energy everyone put into their training.

I miss the sound of the bell everyday.

I miss being in the gym working hard and being around others who are also working hard.  The feeling of everyone wanting to improve and pushing each other to get better.

Yep, this has been the hardest part.  I love the Gym Community and what we all are working toward together.

I look forward to this process being wrapped up soon and getting back in touch with the Community Feeling I miss.



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