Tough Days

Today was a really tough day.

Often times we read media stories and they talk about an athlete’s troubled past as if the present is fine and always positive and motivating.  As if their sport has made them transcend difficulty.  The story portrays the athlete and the coach as if they have gotten away from all that troubles them and the present is a positive sanctuary taking them into the glorious future.

In this journey for the Olympics I want to portray the truth.  The ups and downs of coaches and athletes as we prepare for momentous competitions.  The excitement, the stress, the doubt, the desire, the hopes and fears.  I want to share what I know everyone experiences in their daily lives. I want all of you to know that we represent in the athletic form what everyone experiences in their day to day life.

Athletes and coaches do experience the same ups and downs in life and training.  We hit road blocks, seemingly impossible situations.  We run into dead ends, then miraculous openings and glorious moments.  We really are all in this together.

I am a coach with a gym name and no gym.  I am a coach with an Olympic hopeful that I cart around from place to place and it is incredibly stressful on her and myself.  I often wonder do I measure up, will my vision come to fruition, will she grow and become stronger from this experience, or am I doing her in?

When I’m not having a tough day, I see the vision perfectly.  I know once I get my doors open, we can settle down and work and still the hard times will come.  A home will not chase away all difficulty.

I am grateful to the community that supports us by offering up their businesses,  their time, their homes.  I am forever changed by boxing and the way it has connected me to all of you.

Thank you for your support and I will do my best to share our story with you as honestly as possible.

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