Small Business Highlight- Seattle Plastics

Several times in my life I’ve taken big leaps.

One time in particular:

I was a supervisor at United Parcel Service, climbing the ladder and having a successful career. Then, boxing came along and I began evaluating what I wanted in my life.  Boxing ignited my passion for sport that I was getting further from in the corporate world.  I loved the excitement of operations at UPS, but I really ached for athletics.  When I decided to quit UPS, I gave up a high paying job and a lot of future security.  Seattle Plastics owners Mike Albanese and Jenny Peters were incredibly supportive and gave me a part time job while I made the transition from UPS to pro boxer and coach.  They sponsored my pro career, made a killer acrylic case for my NW Title Belt and were emotionally supportive.  Their dedication to philanthropy, community and boxing was inspiring and still is.  They run a top notch business and continue to help boxers go for their dreams.  Thank you Jenny and Mike for the donation to boxer Jen Hamann!


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